San Diego County College and Career Readiness Consortium

California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT)

San Diego County College and Career Readiness Consortium (CCRC) was launched in 2014 as a regional approach to implementing the California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT) grant. The school partners in the CCPT grant are 16 districts with high-schools, 1 charter school, and 5 community college districts.

Project Overview

Per our application, the CCPT project sought “funding for infrastructure investment to support the development of key components of a regional system to ensure delivery of streamlined, coordinated, sequenced career pathway curricula aligned to industry needs. Industry sectors targeted through the application include Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Energy, and Information and Communication Technologies….” (from the “Project Overview” section of our Application).

CCRC supports career pathway programming county-wide through: 1) A regional, online work-based learning portal to broker work-based learning opportunities, 2) Work-based learning teams to build the portal, 3) Professional development for teachers and counselors, 4) Curriculum alignment and development, 5) Marketing to students and parents, 6) Data collection and evaluation, and 7) Meaningful industry engagement with facilitation from the United Way of San Diego County. Such activities support the advancement of CCPT objectives.

The San Diego County Office of Education serves as the fiscal agent for the CCPT grant.

The purpose of this website (at this time) is to allow program partners wide access to program information. Meeting document may be posted to the website before and after meetings (e.g. Workgroup meetings). The website will also store/archive key grant documents and working documents. In addition, other useful program resources and links are on the website.


SDCOE CCPT Year 1 Annual Report

SDCOE CCPT Year 1 Annual Report Presentation

SDCOE CCPT Mid-Year Report

SDCOE CCPT Year 2 Annual Report


2017-2018 Schedule of Committees and Workgroup Meetings


CCPT Staff Contacts

Margie de Ruyter 
Manager, Career Pathways
(858) 569-3037

Jewyl Clarke
CCPT Curriculum Specialist
(858) 292-3758

Alexander Becker
Work-Based Learning Program Specialist
(858) 292-3757

Tiffany Lu 
CCPT Program Secretary
(858) 569-5480

SDCOE Staff Contacts

Brian Butler,
Director, College and Career Leadership
College and Career Readiness Unit, Learning and Leadership Services, SDCOE
(858) 569-3116

United Way Contacts

Tia Anzellotti
Director of Partnerships
United Way of San Diego 
(858) 636-4139