San Diego County College and Career Readiness Consortium

California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT)

Student Support and Transition




Develop a regional K-14 system of support to increase student enrollment and persistence in career pathways that lead to successful transition to postsecondary and preparation for the workforce.  Coordinate, develop, and/or align mechanisms to ensure that pathway students have support during transitions – middle school to high school - high school to postsecondary/work – are established. Students have an opportunity to identify their strengths, interests, values and options, and have access to tools to map out and monitor their progress toward their desired future. The focus of the Student Support & Transitions Workgroup is to identify strategies that will:

  • Facilitate connections to postsecondary programs for high school pathway graduates
  • Increase student enrollment in community colleges region-wide
  • Increase communication and exchange of information between high schools and community college in order to support increased student transition to community college
  • Facilitate the connection between community college and high school counselors to increase awareness and information regarding community college and high school student pathway opportunities including opportunities for articulation and dual enrollment


Workgroup Roles and Responsibilities


Members of Workgroup


Workgroup Meeting Schedule

The Student Supports and Transitions Workgroup will be meeting on the first Wednesday of every month from 9:00-9:50am at the United Way of San Diego - 4699 Murphy Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92123.


Date  Agenda Notes Resources
 9/6/17 September 2017 Agenda    
 8/2/17 August 2017 Agenda August 2017 Notes Action Plan Template
 7/17/17   July 2017 Retreat Notes  6-2-17 Community College CCPT Meeting Notes, 2017 Passport to Life Career and Education Expo Schedule, 2017 Passport to Life Career and Education Factsheet, Action Plan Template, Career Planning Initiative, CCPT Pilot Projects, ICT Careers Inland Empire Desert Region, Patient Care Pathway, PEM, SDIC Strong Workforce Program - Regional Projects At A Glance, SST June 2017 Survey Responses, SST Workgroup Retreat Powerpoint, Visioning Exercise
 6/7/17 June 2017 Agenda  June 2017 Notes Employment Readiness and Job Placement Project Description, Pilot Project Update, SWP At a Glance, Conference Debrief PPT
 5/3/17 May 2017 Agenda May 2017 Notes  
 4/5/17 April 2017 Agenda April 2017 Notes Career Development Exploration, Certifications by Vendor, DSN Identified Certifications, Industry Credentials CC, Industry Credentials K-12, Leslie Blanchard's Industry Certification Resource Links, Promise Information, SWC Documents, CCPT Presentation PPT
 3/1/17 March 2017 Agenda March 2017 Notes Career Pathways - Chart (proof)
 2/1/17 February 2017 Agenda -  
 1/26/17 January 2017 Agenda January 2017 Notes  


Additional Resources